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CN2 Business Spotlight

Aug 18, 2023

FORT MILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – We do love our furry friends, but sometimes a good bath is needed! Bubbly Paws in Fort Mill is helping pet owners by giving them the tools necessary to help their fur-babies stay nice and clean.

Bubbly Paws is located near Baxter Village in Fort Mill and offers all kinds of grooming services for dogs. From giving your pet a wash yourself to letting professional groomers take care of Fido for you.

Bubbly Paws says it prides itself on always putting the needs of the dog first.

If you are wanting one of their technicians to take care of your dog Bubbly Paws, they do ask that you make a reservation before visiting.

Here’s a link to their FB Page.

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