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I'm a fashion stylist

Jun 18, 2023

A NEW York-based stylist has revealed some dry cleaning secrets that she thinks people don't realize but should definitely know.

She shared some tricks of the trade, including why it's important to remove the plastic from your clothing as soon as possible.

Style expert Liz Teisch (@thenewyorkstylist) is no stranger to the fashion industry.

As a professional stylist, she knows some of the top ways to look your best that are both budget-friendly and sustainable.

In a TikTok video, she shared some secrets about dry cleaning that no one really knows about.

To emphasize her point, she walked into the video holding several dry-cleaned garments before she divulged her dry-cleaning tips.

"Just because something says dry clean only on it doesn't mean you have to dry clean," she said as she showed a clothes tag.

According to the content creator, brands often do this to protect themselves because it's easier to put dry clean only on everything.

She suggested washing them in a gentle cycle on cold.

She also had tips for those who still insist on going to the dry cleaners: "Remove the plastic right away. This can actually eat away the fabric. Remove the dry cleaning hangers right away. This can damage your clothes."

In order to be environmentally friendly, she recommended giving the hangers back to your local dry cleaners so that they can reuse them.

She also advised reusing your packaging or asking for it in one package instead of several individual plastic bags.

"Watch this, spread the word, save money and the planet," she advised in the video caption.

Liz also asked her audience: "How many of these did you know??"

Viewers were appreciative of her transparency and made that known in the comments.

One commented their thanks by saying it was "so helpful."