Switchbot S10: A Surprisingly Clever Home Robot Cleaner that can even Refill your Humidifier
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Switchbot S10: A Surprisingly Clever Home Robot Cleaner that can even Refill your Humidifier

Jul 23, 2023

SwitchBot’s latest release at IFA 2023 isn’t just another entry in the growing market of home automation. The S10 Floor Cleaning Robot robot takes a step forward by integrating features that make it not just autonomous, but also self-reliant.

The S10 joins SwitchBot’s growing roster of home automation systems. While SwitchBot’s most popular products are its most creative ones too (like the autonomous curtain robot or the ‘button pusher’), the company’s cultivated an entire ecosystem of smart-home tech that build on each other’s capabilities. The S10 does so too, with a combination of advanced navigation, cleaning, and even intelligent water management. The smart floor cleaner navigates your home, cleaning each corner, but also automatically refills its water tanks and drains out the dirty water in the process. Once done, the S10 heads back to its charging dock where it auto-dries its mop head, and if that wasn’t enough, the robot can even refill your humidifier for you. After all, it takes more than a clean floor to make a house feel comfortable!

Designer: SwitchBot

The S10 follows SwitchBot’s company ethos of ‘delegating physical tasks to robots’ by being an expert floor cleaner that also auto-maintains itself after every cleaning cycle. 6500Pa high suction ensures the S10 grabs every single particle of dust off the floor or even embedded within your carpet. While on the floor, the S10 scrubs, washes, and cleans with its new roller mop system. However, the second it finds itself on a carpet, the S10 stops the water-spray and auto-lifts the mop-head to ensure your carpet doesn’t get wet at all. Meanwhile, it also self-cleans its mop-head 300 times a minute.

The most eye-catching feature of the S10 is undoubtedly its auto water refill and drain system. While robotic vacuums have been around for a while, the S10 takes it a step further. It’s capable of autonomously refilling its water tank when needed and draining it after use. This is accomplished through a connection to existing plumbing in your home—be it in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

The real advantage here is the convenience and time-saving aspect. Imagine not having to interrupt your day to refill or empty a water tank. The S10 essentially takes the manual labor out of floor cleaning, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day activities without any disruptions.

Designed to be the place where the S10 goes for a quick pit stop, the charging dock also empties out the S10’s dust tank and dries the mop-head while charging the robot. The highly automated process requires no human intervention as the S10 autonomously makes its way to the dock when it needs to charge or empty its dust tank. The spacious 4-liter dust tank also has you covered for weeks, and requires replacing every 70 days.

The 4L dust tank is accessible from the top of the charging dock

Is a product really a SwitchBot product if it isn’t eliminating human intervention altogether? The company is championing what they call the world of IoRT, or Internet of Robot Things, in an effort to make human life more comfortable. The idea started with a simple button that pushes switches at home and has now blossomed into a floor-cleaning robot that will occasionally even fill the humidifier in your house. Designed to work with the SwitchBot Humidifier 2 (available as a standalone device), the S10 can transport water from the Water Station directly to your humidifier, filling it up so you don’t need to.

The S10 comes equipped with smart LiDAR sensors that are the real workhorses behind its effective cleaning. These sensors map out your living space, detect obstacles, and even adapt to different types of flooring. Whether your home has tile, hardwood, or carpet, the S10 adjusts its cleaning mode accordingly, ensuring smear-free cleaning on floors, and moreover, keeping your carpet pristine and dry. The smart AI also avoids obstacles and ventures away from no-go zones, giving you reliable cleaning based exactly on your requirements.

The SwitchBot S10 is scheduled to release on Kickstarter in October with a $1199.99 price tag. The S10 bot joins SwitchBot’s army of IoRT devices designed to help automate life and leave the chores to robots and the living to humans. An app powers the S10, which lets you set routines, delineate no-go zones, and access other functions/stats. SwitchBot is currently displaying the S10 floor cleaning robot along with other devices at IFA 2023 in Berlin.

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