CAS 149
CAS 149

CAS 149

Product Description Basic Information Model Number: HMHT0033Other Name: SFS; Rongalite C; Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylat
Basic Info.
Model NO. HMHT0033
Colour White
Molecular Weight 154.12
Transport Package 25kg/as Customer Request
Specification 98% min, 99% min
Trademark HMHT
Origin Jiangsu
HS Code 2831900000
Production Capacity 60000mt /Year
Product Description

Product Description

Basic Information

Model Number: HMHT0033Other Name: SFS; Rongalite C; Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate;Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate;Sodium formaldehyde disulfite dihydrate;Sodium Hydroxymethanesulfinate;Sodium Hydroxymethylsulfinate Dihydrate;Sodium Hydroxymethyl Sulfinate;sodium sulfite formaldehyde
Molecular formula: CH6Na2O5SCAS: 6035-47-8Surface density: 1.80~1.85 g/cm3

Flash point: 223.8 ºCMolecular weight: 176.1

Product Parameters

Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate (chemical formula: CH3NaO3S), commonly known as hanging white block, carving white powder, carving white powder C, is an adduct formed by formaldehyde and sodium sulfoxylate.

CAS 149-44-0 Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate Textile Dyeing Auxiliaries Rongalite C Powder/Lumps

Technical Specifications

Molecular formulaCH6Na2O5S
Molecular weight176.1
Flash point223.8 ºC
ApplicationIndustrial bleach; reducing agent
Security descriptionS26; S36
Hazard symbolR36/37/38
Hazard DescriptionXi
Solubilityeasily soluble in water, insoluble in absolute ethanol, ether and benzene.
FeaturesIt has strong reducibility at high temperature. Has fading properties.
Temperature resistanceIt decomposes at high temperature to produce toxic gases such as formaldehyde and hydrogen sulfide.
Acid resistanceit decomposes when it encounters dilute acid, and its solution is neutral.
Melting point63~64 ºC.
Surface density1.80~1.85 g/cm3

Packaging Types

We can provide 25kg bagor as per customers' requirements.

Production Process

Add 286 kg of zinc powder and 500 kg of water into the beating tank, and after pulping, add it to the shell-and-tube reactor, and absorb about 550 kg of SO2 to obtain zinc hydrosulfite (the reaction temperature is maintained at 40-45 °C, and the end point is pH value is 3 to 3.5).In addition, the formaldehyde of 698 kg 40% is added in the reactor, the above-mentioned zinc hydrosulfite aqueous solution is added dropwise under stirring, and gradually heat up, when the temperature rises to 95~100 ºC, add a total of 257 kg of zinc powder in batches, react under the insulation For several hours, the end point is less than 1% unreacted substance. The precipitate was left to stand, and the precipitate was transferred to a displacement kettle. After washing with clean water, 755 kg of 42% sodium hydroxide solution was added under stirring. The reaction was carried out at 65°C until the free base content reached 0.3% to 0.5%. The reactants were filtered to remove impurities, and the filtrate was clarified for 48 h and concentrated in vacuo. Cool to crystallize and pulverize to get the finished product.

ApplicationMainly used in printing and dyeing industry as dye discharge agent, color release agent, reducing agent and as activator for styrene-butadiene rubber and synthetic resin, and also used for decolorization and bleaching of some organic substances (such as: synthetic rubber, sugar, food industry as bleaching agent) agent), can be used instead of hydrosulfite under certain conditions. Not for use in food bleaching. a. Carved white blocks (powders, granules) are susceptible to moisture and heat, and begin to decompose at 80°C, releasing H2S, which needs to be stored in a dry and low temperature. 6NaHSO2·CH2O+3H2O -→ 4NaHSO3+2HCOONa+2H2S+HCOOH+3CH3OH b. When the temperature rises to 110ºC, the carved white block (powder, grain) is completely decomposed, and the formaldehyde in the molecule splits to release the new [H], reducing power the strongest. NaHSO2·CH2O -→ NaHSO2+ CH2O NaHSO2 +H2O -→ NaHSO2+ 2[H] c. Carving white block (powder, grain) should be in alkaline medium PH>8, acidity (acid limit PH>3) can make carving white block Decompose hydrogen sulfide. d. Carved white blocks (powder, granules) will decompose when encountering oxidants, such as with I2. NaHSO2·CH2O+2H2O+2I2 -→NaHSO4+4HI+CH2O

Company Profile

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Honorary certificate

CAS 149-44-0 Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate Textile Dyeing Auxiliaries Rongalite C Powder/Lumps


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