Room Temperature Dyeing Machine for Cotton/Polyester Garment Woven Fabric
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Room Temperature Dyeing Machine for Cotton/Polyester Garment Woven Fabric

Room Temperature Dyeing Machine for Cotton/Polyester Garment Woven Fabric

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Basic Info.
Model NO. DGAKS-10
Warranty 1 Year
Customized Customized
Condition New
After-sales Service 24 Hours Technical Support by Email, Call, Video
Purpose4 Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine
Purpose3 Special Hydro-Extractor
Purpose6 Fancy Yarn
Bath Ratio Low Liquor Ratio
Features1 Water Volume Regulator
Purpose Low Lift
Purpose2 Rayon
Purpose1 Single Strand Yarn
Features Triangular Nozzle
Garment Polyester Garment Polyester
Transport Package Standard Package or Nude Package Customized
Specification 2900*5000*2600
Trademark DONGGENG
Origin China
HS Code 8451400000
Production Capacity 50
Product Description

Product Description

1.Suitable for dyeing natural, synthetic and chemical fibre in high count yarn such as Rayon Filament, Mercerized cotton, dull rayon, spun silk, R/N,supwash wool etc.
2.Strong and Firm structure using high quality corrosion resistant Stainless steel, durable and accurate.
3.Higher effcient circulation pump, wity Low Head-High Flow Design, soft and enough flow rate even in temperature 95°C Up
4.The absence of hank moving rod,innovative design TRIANGULAR ROTATING SPRAY TUBE enables delicate hank rotation movements, minimise the contact between fibre and metallic.5.Absolutely no tangle will occur.6.Special designed Flow Adjuster-Three way valve can be adjusted according to the Quantity,count and variety of yarn .Easier to rewinding and reduced the loss after dyeing.7.Ultra low energy consumption design,patent number: ZL 201510276761.4; ZL201520349197.X, low water ratio dyeing (1:5-8) saves dye auxiliaries and steam. Using high performance motor, low speed, low noise, low power consumption, energy saving, achieve the highest economic benefits.
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Standard Configuration

1.The body of machine and the adjutage adopts excellent stainless steel with a great quality to resist erosion.2.High effcient circulation pump.3.The barrel of adding material has the chumming,heating, circulating.And cleaning installations.4.The reliable automation control in strumpet of procedure.5.The display of water line.6.The implemens are convenient to add yams to take out yams,to clean the jet pipe.7.The visible window have beautiful appeances and security.

Optional accessories

1.The curve of temperature rising semi-automation by the computer contolling.2.The system of automation by the computer con-trolling. 3.The main pump power adopts the changing frequency of waves control.4.The effective hanging yams length of adjutage range is: 300-2000mm.5.Structure of the hanging yam's safe hanging shelf. 6.Automatic feeding system.7.Powder feeding system.8. In the later stage, a manual valve was specially added according to customer requirements, and each nozzle can be operated independently.

Room Temperature Dyeing Machine for Cotton/Polyester Garment Woven Fabric

Technical data accessories

Spray tube(pcs)8060403020105322*1/21/2
Pump motor (kw)453722157.542.
Driving motor (kw)

Packing & Delivery

Room Temperature Dyeing Machine for Cotton/Polyester Garment Woven Fabric

Company Profile

Room Temperature Dyeing Machine for Cotton/Polyester Garment Woven Fabric


Room Temperature Dyeing Machine for Cotton/Polyester Garment Woven Fabric

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