Best Shark deals: Get a robot vacuum, air purifier, and more for up to 45% off
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Best Shark deals: Get a robot vacuum, air purifier, and more for up to 45% off

Jul 07, 2023

The battle against dirt, dust, and dander is a continuing saga that you don't have to lose against ever again. As of August 3, you can find deals on Shark products at Amazon that can help you tidy up your living space without having to sacrifice your budget. Check them out below.

You don't need to spend a fortune to buy reliable cleaning devices. As of August 3, Amazon has some great deals on Shark products that will tackle every last bit of mess over and over again.

With a runtime of 120 minutes, you can bet the Shark ION robot vacuum AV751 will leave your carpets, rugs, and floors free of dirt, dust, and debris. Its tri-brush system features side, multi-surface, and channel brush rolls that leave no mess behind. Busy people will love the AV751's multiple options for hands-free control. You can start this robot vacuum via your phone using the Shark app, or by syncing it to your Alexa or Google Assistant. At only $149.99, you'll have an easy-to-use robot vacuum that gets to know your home, avoids ledges, and takes sweeping off your list of daily chores.

The Shark IQ robot vacuum AV1010AE has the capacity to hold dirt and dust for up to 45 days — perfect for people who love to expedite their routines. The Shark IQ AV1010AE features a multi-surface brush roll that captures pet hair, an XL dust cup, and improved mapping capabilities over previous models. It's also designed with row-by-row cleaning capabilities that leave no dirt and dander behind. Simply turn it on manually, with your phone, or with its voice control options when synching with Alexa or Google Assistant and you can be confident that your home will get cleaned up. Thanks to this current Amazon deal you'll also save $270 over the usual ticket price of $599.99.

Nothing is better than the peace of mind of fresh, clean, and odor-free air. You can now have that thanks to this discount of $150 on the Shark air purifier 4. It features four quiet and speedy fans capable of purifying the air in spaces up to 1,000 square feet. But that's not all: the included HEPA filter is treated with Microban for the ultimate protection against the growth of bacteria in this device. CleanSense allows the air purifier to make adjustments so that air is always clean and scent-free. Per Shark, the Shark air purifier 4 gets rid of 99.98% of pollutants and allergens in sizes of 0.1 and 0.2 microns. That makes this air purifier perfect for people with allergies and sensitive noses.

The Shark Ultralight corded stick vacuum HZ251 is easy to maneuver and turns into a handheld you can use on above-floor surfaces. It weighs less than three pounds and contains a brush system that prevents hair wrap — perfect for pet owners. Featuring powerful suction, you can bet your carpets will be fresh and clean after use. This bagless corded vacuum also features a crevice tool, upholstery tool, pet power brush, and onboard storage clip so you can cover all of your cleaning bases. Bottom LED headlights illuminate dark, odd corners so you can be sure no dust is left behind.

These deals are bound to catch a lot of eyes. Check them out at Amazon while they're still live.