The Best Deodorants That Don't Stain Clothes in 2023, Tested by Grooming Editors
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The Best Deodorants That Don't Stain Clothes in 2023, Tested by Grooming Editors

Jun 15, 2023

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These sticks and sprays fight B.O. without leaving track marks.

Chances are, you've probably had to replace your favorite T-shirt once thanks to pit stains caused by deodorants. Those chances especially increase in the summer, when we're all piling on antiperspirants. Enter the best stain-free deodorants, which help fight B.O. without leaving track marks.

A deodorant that doesn't stain clothes needs to be aluminum-free. Yellow clothing stains are caused by the aluminum salts in antiperspirants that combine with sweat, according to Dr. Jennifer Chwalek, M.D., a New York-based board-certified dermatologist. The powders in the product can also leave chalky white marks on darker clothing. Additionally, deodorants that contain oils or dyes could cause staining as well.

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With the weather continuing to heat up, making a switch to a deodorant that doesn't stain clothes can help save you from a trip to the laundromat. That's especially true for active guys who are probably sweating a lot more this summer. To find the best non-staining deodorants, we reached out to our panel of grooming editors and board-certified dermatologists for recommendations. In addition, we break down products that work to block odor and help you smelling fresh for hours.

For this story, we looked for deodorants that are aluminum-free. We also gave preference to products that were made from naturally-derived ingredients that can help deodorize without irritating your skin. Bonus points for sticks that contained aloe and shea butter, since they help remove dark pigmentation, moisturize your skin, and help keep your arms feeling smooth. We also looked for products that didn't contain baking soda, since that can be irritating for some arm pits.

Oars + Alps takes the crown for creating the best deodorant that doesn't stain clothes. It's a powerful, all-natural option that's aluminum-free, non-sticky and translucent—which means it goes on clear and very unlikely to show up on your clothes. We've been using this brand's deodorant for the last few years, and it has managed to keep our shirts looking immaculate. No yellow stains in sight. It's not everyday that you come across a deodorant that absorbs sweat, effectively masks odor, and offers a long lasting scent that will have you smelling fresh and clean.

If you're in the market for a natural deodorant, you can't go wrong with Native. The brand has earned a cult-like following for their ability to formulate a natural deodorant with clean, crisp scents and nothing extra added.

We've been using this deodorant since 2020. And it feels great under our arms—a smooth non-greasy application with no residue. Even on the hottest day, their odor protection is stronger than any other natural deodorant we've given a trial run. To top it off, the fragrance is earthy and refreshing with notes of eucalyptus and mint.

If push comes to shove and you're sweating so much that you absolutely need an antiperspirant deodorant, Dove Men + Care Dry Spray is the perfect alternative.

It is worth mentioning aluminum is an active ingredient. However, to your benefit, it's very successful at controlling or reducing sweat. Formulated with 1/4 moisturizing cream, the product helps the skin to retain moisture, which prevents irritation. In addition, it carries a powerful 72 hour odor and wetness protection and soft linen scents.

We were a little nervous to try out the spray, but were happy with the results. Since the spray dries instantly, it was easy to throw on a shirt right away and head out the door without hesitation. To our surprise, the application didn't clump on the skin or leave any wet streaks.

Every Man Jack caters to all skin types with their dermatologist-tested deodorant that doesn't stain clothes. Inspired by nature, their product offering has everything you want in an aluminum-free deodorant—aloe vera, cotton extract, witch hazel. And of course, no aluminum.

We've worn this deodorant for awhile now and avoided chalky residue and white marks. The smell is quite refreshing, so you have something to look forward to putting on in the AM. But it goes on pretty thick, so we recommend you waiting a few minutes to let it dry before pulling a shirt over your head.

Are you team sensitive skin? Prone to armpit irritation? No worries, Baxter of California has you covered with their aluminum-alcohol free deodorant. The brand's signature citrus and herbal musk scent is soft and subtle, but seals the deal with odor protection—thanks to the combination of tea tree and witch hazel.

Our editors rave about how much of a relief it is to have a "gentle formula" that easily goes on the skin without experiencing any irritation or redness—as well as streaks. In terms of application, this deodorant absorbs in a flash and dries on clear.

Dr. Squatch is a big player in the natural deodorant space. For this stick, they've employed a three-pronged approach to combat BO: charcoal to cleanse, arrowroot to absorb moisture and prevent bacterial growth, and probiotics to establish a friendly-smelling microbiome.

Our editors who work out multiple times a week recommend this deodorant for other active guys. Plus, the product has hydrating ingredients like jojoba and shea butter to keep your pits feeling fresh.

If you're a roll-on deodorant kind of guy, we recommend Malin+ Goetz. For starters, this one looks like a luxury hotel toiletry, but it's more than just a pretty face. It houses a smooth, clean formula and a rich bergamot fragrance.

We've tried numerous roll-on deodorants, but this one does the best job of leaving our shirts stain free. That's probably because of its opaque stick formula, probiotic enzymes to offset odor, and corn starch to absorb excess moisture. It glides onto the skin like rollerblades on ice, without any stickiness or traces of residue.

A lot of vegan deodorants are pretty expensive. But very few actually have formulas that justify their price point. Not so with Corpus, a water-based deodorant is super easy-to-use, lasts for hours, and omits all the bad stuff that can induce your favorite tank top to change colors.

We love that all of Corpus' scents have a luxury feel, especially the Nº Green. Notes of pink lemon, orange, blossom, and cardamom combines to make a citrusy summer scent that doesn't leave a mess on our clothes.

The grooming experts we talked to recommend formulas that are aluminum-free, since aluminum is the main active ingredient that causes those unsightly pit stains.

Keep eye out for deodorants that are labeled as "stain-free" or "non-staining" to minimize the likelihood of leaving visible residue on your clothes. Some deodorants incorporate clear formulas that are less likely to leave white marks on dark-colored clothing.

Also, check for products that are cruelty-free and formulated with 100% naturally-derived ingredients like arrowroot powder, and cornstarch powder, since they help absorb moisture and destroy harmful bacteria, according to Dr. Chwalek. These are often combined with ingredients such as coconut oil or tea tree oil which have antibacterial properties and/or essential oils to provide a pleasant scent.

Other beneficial ingredients include aloe and shea butter, which help remove dark pigmentation, moisturize your skin and keep your underarms feeling smooth. Always make sure to avoid toxic ingredients including parabens, phthalates and triclosan. While baking soda can help remove odor, it can be irritating for guys with sensitive skin.

Deodorants can stain clothes for a number of reasons. The main culprit is usually deodorants that contain aluminum, which mixes with sweat composition and creates discoloration.

If you don't wash your clothes after every wear, those stains can linger and become deeply embedded between fabric fibers, which make them harder to remove.

These leftover body oils can also bind with the aluminum and zirconium in antiperspirants, which can cause added yellowing and staining over time, according to Sammy Wang, MS, Tide's Senior Scientist.

If you happen to see those unsightly stains, don't panic—just act fast. The solution may be easier than you think with support of some basic household items and scrubbing action.

Mix water with distilled white vinegar or lemon juice, cleaning agents that help remove dirt and tough stains. Soak your clothes in this solution for at least one hour.

Another miracle worker is baking soda and warm water. Place the baking soda directly on the affected area, then pour water on top and rinse thoroughly to remove any excess soils. Whether you're washing your clothes with vinegar, lemon juice or baking soda—sprinkling a pinch of coarse salt in the mix is a good trick. It works as a gentle abrasive.

For white clothing, using OxiClean white revive whitener + stain remover on your clothes before putting them in the laundry machine can also help fade stains.

For this story, we reached out to a panel of two grooming editors and two dermatologists on their recommendations for deodorants and antiperspirants that don't stain clothes. We checked for clear, aluminum-free formulas that were less likely to leave marks. Of course, we also considered deodorants that actually smelled great and could fight body odor for at least three hours.

Joseph Cheatham covers grooming stories for Men's Health. Previously, Cheatham was a commerce editor for Spy, where he wrote about fashion, lifestyle, and all-things skincare. He graduated with a B.A. in journalism from Howard University in 2016. When he's not writing, he's most likely doing one of three favorites: exercising, traveling, and trying new restaurants.

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