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New pet grooming business open in Manning

Jul 31, 2023

Sierra Ferry, who opened her own pet grooming business this year, standing in front of Veterinary Associates of Manning. Ferry operates her business, Doggone Purrty, out of the building, located at 1603 Enterprise St., Manning.

After Sierra Ferry realized college wasn’t for her, she returned to her hometown to pursue another passion.

Owning two cockapoos herself — which are a crossbreed bred from Cocker Spaniels and a Poodles — Ferry already knew how to groom her pets for a long time.

“I just kind of figured, why not do it for other people?” Ferry said. “I like doing it, I like being around pets of all sorts.”

As of this year, Ferry now operates her own pet-grooming business, Doggone Purrty, inside of Veterinary Associates of Manning.

Wanting to include dogs and cats, Ferry came up with the business name to acknowledge both animals. Although Ferry always grew up with dogs, she said handling cats is completely new to her.

Unpredictability can vary among the animals she grooms, Ferry said, saying some pets absolutely love the process while others hate it. Regardless, Ferry said she enjoys the challenges that come with grooming and learning how to problem solve.

When the previous groomer for Veterinary Associates of Manning left, Ferry said the veterinary business was searching for a new groomer, with the opportunity falling on her lap.

Prior to Doggone Purrty, Ferry previously worked at Veterinary Associates of Manning for three years, helping clean kennels and assisting with C-section operations.

A 2021 graduate of IKM-Manning High School, Ferry said she always tries to support local businesses in Manning.

“Being able to help other people out as well and allow them to help me, it’s unbeatable,” Ferry said. “I just knew I never liked city life, I always liked the small town, community feel and Manning is a great place to get that.”

Every month, Ferry offers a special for her four-legged clients, with her most recent one including a milk bath. Using Warren London products, Ferry said the milk helps bring out the grease from the animal’s hair, as well as helps their hair grow healthier.

Other specials Ferry offered in the past included a mud bath and pina colada shampoo.

Recently, Ferry also started working for an online business called PawTree, which focuses on selling pet products. Ultimately, Ferry said she hopes to meet more people and animals every single day through her grooming job.

Anyone interested in booking an appointment with Ferry at Doggone Purrty can contact her at 712-790-6293. Ferry said they can also message her

“I will always treat your pets like family and take care of them the best I can,” Ferry said. “They always get love when they come here.”

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